The Electronic Music of Glenn Adams

Video for “Iron and Tears”

  • April
  • 13

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Pursuit - the video

  • April
  • 12

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This is the video for “Till the End”

  • April
  • 11

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Here’s a new track, “Till The End”

  • March
  • 22

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New track, Iron and Tears

  • March
  • 7

Here’s a short track I wrote for a listing on Going for the electro/orchestral vibe.

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Here are the Galactic Travels Episodes with Galactic Anthems as the featured artist

  • February
  • 16

Gt2013-11-07nr866 by Ultramusicman on Mixcloud

Gt2013-11-14nr867 by Ultramusicman on Mixcloud

Gt2013-11-21nr868 by Ultramusicman on Mixcloud

Gt2013-11-28nr869 by Ultramusicman on Mixcloud

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New track uploaded to SoundCloud, “A Question of Time.”

  • January
  • 24

Here’s a new track hot off the press, direct from the UnderGround, my basement studio called “A Question of Time.” If you could ask a question of Time, what would it be? For me it would be “how much do I have?”

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Galactic Anthems on Galactic Travels - Special Focus for November, 2013

  • November
  • 5

Bill Fox is the host of Galactic Travels, a space music program broadcasting every Thursday at 11PM (EST) from WDIY in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Bill typically does a “Special Focus” each month on a different artist. I’m pleased to announce that Galactic Anthems is the special focus for November, 2013. Each Thursday night starting on November 7 at midnight, Bill with play a Galactic Anthems CD in it’s entirety.

Here’s the link to¬†Galactic Travels.

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New Spacemind mix with “The Other Side”

  • September
  • 18

Spacemind posts hour-long mixes of ambient music on YouTube. His latest mix starts with the Galactic Anthems track, “The Other Side” from the CD of the same name.

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Galactic Anthems’ track in a Spacemind set

  • July
  • 27

Spacemind posts hour-plus sets of ambient music on YouTube. I’m pleased to announce that he used “Carousel of Dreams” from my “Subterranean Transit” CD as the opening track in a set called Project Orion Vol. 2. Here it is:

To view all the artists in this set, click on the link below:

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